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A Clucking Good Time to Invest in the Sports Bar Industry

The chicken wing industry and the sports bar industry have experienced significant growth over the past decade, and current market trends suggest that business owners can look forward to continued expansion. The rising demand for convenient, delicious food, combined with the increasing popularity of sports bars and casual dining, makes now a profitable time to invest in the industry.

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A franchise sports bar & grill with a fun and inviting atmosphere, where you can come and relax with friends.

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Hooters is well-loved in the sports bar franchise and is a popular investment thanks to our strong brand recognition, powerful global presence, and steady revenue growth. Our casual dining restaurants have a loyal customer base and a unique concept that combines food, entertainment, and heart - and sets us apart from competitors.

What’s more, we’ve successfully diversified our menu and expanded our franchise network, making ours an attractive investment for those looking to join our bar franchise opportunities.

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The chicken wing industry  in the US has a market size of $55.6 billion. It doesn’t stop there; the industry has experienced an annualized market size growth of 8.4% between 2018 and 2023.

How We Stand Out  in the Chicken Wing and Sports Bar Franchise Industry

Hooters is a chicken wing franchise like no other, thanks to our distinctive brand and concept. Unlike other chicken wing franchises, ours combines the casual dining experience with sports entertainment, featuring our beloved Hooters Girls™, who are well-known for their friendly customer service.

We have a strong following, with many loyal customers drawn to our laid-back atmosphere, affordable prices, and signature breaded wings. We also offer a diverse menu of bar-style food, including burgers, sandwiches, and more.

The Hooters Girls™ are a key component of the brand's success, contributing to our unique and fun-loving atmosphere. We’re dedicated to uplifting our Girls so they can empower themselves through our Hooters Has Heart initiatives.

Hooters Has Heart
The Hooters brand has successfully expanded beyond our restaurants through merchandise sales, partnerships with sports teams and organizations, and our own line of Hooters-branded sauces and dressings, offering you a variety of revenue streams. We’ve also made significant efforts to modernize our menu, incorporating healthier options and expanding our beer and drink selections.
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Join the Casual Dining Restaurant Industry with Hooters

Partnering with Hooters as a casual dining restaurant franchisee has several advantages. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to our proven business model, menu, strong supply chain, and simplified operations. You’ll also benefit from ongoing franchise training and round-the-clock support from the Hooters team.

We offer a strong franchising system with a well-defined process for selecting and supporting franchisees. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide guidance on everything you need to know, from site selection to training, as well as marketing and advertising support.

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

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