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Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be able to get involved in various breast cancer advocacy business initiatives and fundraising campaigns that have allowed us to serve our communities in more ways than one.
Did you know that over 70% of our workforce is made up of women?
The heart of Hooters is our Hooters Girls™, who make the magic happen with their vivacious spirits and can-do attitudes. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping them empower themselves by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as by fostering a supportive and positive work environment.
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The Hooters Girls™ Empowering Women in Business Initiative


Hooters Girls™ are an iconic representation of our brand, but what most people don’t know is that our girls are more than just servers and entertainers. Hooters Girls™ go through a comprehensive training and development program that helps them develop skills that are useful both inside and outside of work.

These programs cover areas such as customer service, communication, and teamwork. We provide our Girls with flexible work schedules that allow them to enjoy a work-life balance and enable them to pursue important commitments outside of work, such as attending school.

When Hooters Girls™ are on shift, we work to foster a supportive and positive work environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration. We go the extra mile with programs in place to support their well-being, like employee assistance programs and mental health resources.

Hooters Girls™ also have the opportunity to grow within the company by becoming trainers or managers. And, possibly, our most impactful initiative is the opportunity for tuition assistance that can help our Girls further their education and achieve their career goals.

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Hooters is a proud supporter of the V Foundation for Cancer Research – a leading cancer research funding organization – and we’re committed to supporting local causes through the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Fund, established in honor of a late Hooters alumna and cancer warrior.
According to the American Cancer Society, almost 300,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer are projected to be diagnosed in women in 2023, and over 40,000 cases are expected to be fatal. #GiveAHoot
We host local fundraising events in the communities we serve and encourage the public to join hands in giving a hoot! We also participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October and encourage our customers to get involved by donating to breast cancer research through various initiatives, including:
  • Personalized endowment cards that can be bought and hung up in the restaurant or taken home
  • Our pink-themed drinks that help raise awareness and funds while giving customers something to enjoy too
  • The $1 donation made from the sale of each annual Hooters calendar
  • A donation our customers can add to their checks in support of breast cancer research
We raised $710,000 in the fight against breast cancer in 2020. As a Hooters franchisee, you can help us reach $1 million this year!
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