Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

Hooters’ Chicken Wing Franchise Training & Support

When you invest in a Hooters restaurant, you’ll be provided with exceptional chicken wing franchise training and support that has been designed to set our franchisees up for success.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Training and Support Program

From pre-opening training to consistent and ongoing chicken franchise support, our team has got you covered!
The Hooters Training Team is here to give your front- and back-of-house staff the best possible start, helping get them up to speed with pre-opening guidance as well as providing a supportive presence when it's time to open.

Restaurant Training

You'll learn the essential elements of running a successful restaurant in our pre-opening training program, with interactive classroom sessions and real hands-on experience. From customer service to food safety and cost control methods, you’ll be prepared to hit all aspects of management, like scheduling employees or marketing your business. Plus, we'll cover everything from storage security to budgeting – so no stone will be left unturned.

Ongoing Support

When you join Hooters, we don't just help you open your doors and send you on your way. We've got a world-class training department that will help ensure new management personnel is set up for success by providing ongoing field support. Plus, our Training Team is constantly developing new cutting-edge educational materials to keep things fresh!

Join the Family

The Hooters Support Teams

It doesn’t end with the Training Team. When you join Hooters, you’ll have a wealth of resources to turn to for support and guidance.

Franchise Development Team

marketing team

Hooters marketing team empowers franchisees.

The Franchise Development Team at Hooters is your trusted guide as you explore the opportunity of becoming part of the iconic American brand! They'll help educate you on the Hooters franchise opportunity and our process and assist in identifying markets based on our current footprint of locations.

Franchise Operations Team

franchise dev team

Franchise guidance provided.

Our Franchise Business Development Managers are a team of experienced restaurant industry veterans dedicated to providing ongoing operational support and expert business consulting to our franchisees.

Team ensures franchisee supplies.

Construction and Design Team

supply chain team
Once you have signed the Franchise Agreement and secured a site, our Construction and Design Team will be there to guide you through every step of building your Hooters restaurant. From store layout, design finesses, and even best practices for construction - we've got it covered! And if that wasn't enough, they'll hook you up with all the approved vendors needed so that everything meets our elevated standards.

Marketing Team

product team dev

Creating crave-worthy menus.

Our Marketing Team at Hooters is the powerhouse behind our brand identity. They're responsible for every step of promotional planning, from crafting creative strategies and messages to developing national campaigns all the way down to overseeing food photography and production on commercials. Our franchisees have access to an extensive library of collateral that serve all their marketing needs!

Supply Chain Team

Franchise construction support offered.

construction team
The Hooters Supply Chain Team is made up of skilled individuals who make sure that our franchisees have steady access to the products they need through our multiple distributors, as well as the buying power that comes along with being a 40-year-old brand with multiple locations across the globe! It's their job to ensure value for all operators across the entire Hooters chain.

Product Development Team

Team ensures franchisee supplies.

franchise operation
In their mission to deliver a crave-worthy Hooters dining experience, our Product Development Team keeps ahead of food trends and consumer behaviors. Through menu innovation, they create exciting new products and limited-time offerings that appeal to both newcomers trying us out for the first time as well as those already familiar with all we have to offer.

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

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