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Starting a Fried Chicken Business: Hooters' Ideal Candidates

Starting a fried chicken business can be fun and exciting, but in most cases, being a successful business owner takes a bit more than just the drive to succeed. If you’ve considered opening a sports bar franchise, you are likely aware of some of the qualities that the best, most successful leaders possess. If you think that investing in a Hooters franchise may be the perfect way to start your franchising journey, here are some qualities that our ideal candidates should have to ensure their business is successful.

Someone with a Desire to Be Their Own Boss

If you've ever dreamed of being your own boss, becoming a Hooters franchisee is the perfect opportunity! As a franchisee, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. You’ll also be in charge of hiring and training staff, ensuring your location adheres to brand standards, and - perhaps most importantly - keeping your franchise profitable. This may seem like a challenging list of responsibilities, but the Hooters team will always be available to help. You’ll work for yourself, but never by yourself.

Someone with Restaurant Experience

To be a successful chicken wing franchisee, we prefer that you or one of your business partners have spent a minimum of five years in the restaurant industry. If you don’t personally have experience - no problem! As long as a partner or investor knows a bit about running a restaurant, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Though Hooters does offer extensive franchise training and support for the life of your franchise, having industry experience ensures that our franchise owners are at least somewhat familiar with the inner workings of a restaurant, so you aren’t starting from zero.

Someone Who Is Bold and Adventurous

Do you have a sense of adventure, and are you willing to take risks? If so, you probably have what it takes to be a Hooters franchise owner. Owning a restaurant can sometimes be stressful, and we value those owners who aren’t afraid to face a challenge head-on. We want our franchisees to be creative and willing to try new things - even if they are a bit out of their comfort zones. The Hooters brand is synonymous with fun, and we love working with people who want to have fun with us!

Someone Who Loves the Hooters Brand

This likely goes without saying, but it’s tough to be a Hooters franchisee if you don’t love the brand. In the extremely competitive restaurant industry, our low-cost fried chicken franchise needs to stand out, and those who love our brand and our values are best suited for this role. We want our franchisees to embrace our fun-loving culture and values and bring a bit of their personal and local flair to the restaurant. Our franchisees should be excited about the work they are doing and, as a result, inspire other partners and employees to be excited about their jobs as well. Besides, why would you choose to open a business if you don’t love it and its products?

outside of a hooters establishment

Someone Who Is Socially Responsible

The Hooters team is committed to social responsibility, and we dedicate ourselves to helping our local communities and supporting important causes. Hooters is a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support the fight against breast cancer. In fact, Hooters’ “Give a Hoot” campaign has been active since 2002 and has raised $7.2M for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

But that’s not all - we also support our local communities by taking part in charitable events and fostering a sense of inclusion in our restaurants. If giving back and creating a better future are important to you, then you may be the perfect Hooters franchisee.

Someone with Excellent People Skills

As a restaurant owner, you’ll not only be managing your employees, but you’ll also likely have some face-to-face interactions with customers. Our ideal candidates should be able to communicate effectively with staff and customers, regardless of the conversation. Not everyone has the ability to keep a level head during stressful situations, but if this is an area in which you excel, we would love to hear from you!

Financial Qualifications to Become a Hooters Franchisee

Our franchisees should have a minimum net worth of $2.5M and liquidity of $1.5M. However, these requirements may be higher in certain markets. You should also be prepared to pay the following franchise fees and royalties (international fees and royalties will vary by country):

  • Franchise fee: $75,000
  • Royalty: 5%
  • National advertising fee: 2.5%

Are you ready to take the leap and become a Hooters franchisee? If you’re a dedicated, bold, and fun individual, we’d love a chance to get to know you better. Joining our franchise family may be the perfect way to make your business ownership dreams a reality.


If you are considering starting a fried chicken business with Hooters, Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise
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