Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

Convert Your Restaurant to a Chicken Wing Franchise with Hooters

Thinking of taking your restaurant to the next level? Consider converting it into a Hooters chicken wing franchise

Hooters, a household name in the restaurant industry, is not just about wings and beer; it's a thriving franchise with a proven track record of success. 

In this article, we'll explore the exciting opportunity of transforming your restaurant into a Hooters.

Why Convert to a Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise?

At Hooters, we pride ourselves on being a globally recognized brand synonymous with delicious food, great service, and a fun atmosphere. 

  • Established Brand Recognition: When you convert your restaurant to a Hooters franchise, you instantly tap into our decades-long legacy and benefit from the widespread brand recognition that comes with it. 
  • Proven Business Model: As part of the Hooters family, you'll gain access to our time-tested business model that has propelled countless franchise locations to success.
  • Training and Support: We understand that the success of our franchisees is integral to the success of the Hooters brand as a whole. That's why we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you and your staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.
  • Marketing and Advertising: One of the perks of joining the Hooters franchise network is gaining access to our powerful marketing and advertising initiatives. Our national marketing campaigns are designed to increase brand visibility and drive customer traffic to all our franchise locations.
  • Purchasing Power and Supply Chain: As a Hooters franchisee, you'll benefit from our collective purchasing power and streamlined supply chain management. You can access high-quality ingredients, equipment, and other operational essentials at competitive prices by leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and vendors. 
  • Community and Camaraderie: Joining the Hooters brand means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and franchisees. Through networking events, conferences, and ongoing support channels, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow franchisees, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences.
  • Diversification and Growth Potential: Converting your restaurant to a Hooters franchise opens doors to exciting diversification and growth opportunities. With options for multi-unit ownership and expansion into new markets, you can take advantage of our proven business model to scale your operations and maximize your potential for success.

The Costs of Opening a Wing Restaurant Business Through Conversion

At Hooters, we're committed to transparency and providing our franchisees with the support they need to succeed. While the initial investment may seem daunting, it's important to consider the long-term benefits and potential for profitability that come with joining the Hooters brand. 

  • Initial Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for a Hooters location is $75,000. This fee grants you the right to operate under the Hooters brand and access our established business model and support system.


  • Liquor License: Depending on your location and local regulations, obtaining a liquor license can range from $300 to $10,000. This cost is crucial for Hooters, as we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of beverages to complement our menu.


  • Leasehold Improvements: Converting your restaurant to meet Hooters' standards may require leasehold improvements, such as remodeling or renovations. These improvements can range from $525,000 to $1,535,000, depending on the size and condition of the space.


  • Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures: Acquiring the necessary equipment, furniture, and fixtures to outfit your Hooters location typically ranges from $455,000 to $665,000. This includes kitchen equipment, seating arrangements, and decor elements that align with the Hooters brand.


  • Initial Inventory: Stocking your restaurant with an initial inventory of food, beverages, and supplies is essential for a successful launch. The cost of initial inventory can vary but generally falls within the range of $25,000 to $95,000, depending on the size and scope of your operation.


  • Initial Training: Comprehensive training is provided to ensure that you and your staff are well-prepared to deliver the Hooters experience. The cost of initial training ranges from $75,000 to $150,000.


  • Grand Opening Expenses: Hosting a grand opening event is a crucial step in generating buzz and attracting customers to your new Hooters location. Grand opening expenses typically range from $10,000 to $50,000 and may include marketing materials, promotional giveaways, and event coordination costs.


  • Insurance: Adequate insurance coverage is essential for protecting your investment and mitigating risks. The cost of insurance for a Hooters franchise typically ranges from $45,000 to $80,000 annually, depending on factors such as location and coverage options.


  • Professional Fees: Legal, accounting, and other professional fees associated with the conversion process can range from $8,000 to $25,000. These fees ensure that your conversion meets all regulatory requirements and is conducted smoothly.


  • Additional Funds: It's essential to have additional funds set aside to cover unforeseen expenses and operational costs during the initial phases of your Hooters franchise. We recommend budgeting an additional $40,000 to $135,000 for this purpose.


The total investment for converting your restaurant to a Hooters franchise typically ranges from $1,258,300 to $2,820,000, inclusive of all the aforementioned costs.

Join the Hooters Brand

Are you ready to step into the thriving chicken wing industry with Hooters? Joining the Hooters brand as a franchisee is more than just a business decision - it's a chance to become part of a legendary legacy. 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become part of an iconic brand with a proven track record of success in the restaurant industry.

Contact Hooters today to learn more about the process of converting your restaurant into a Hooters franchise. 

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise
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