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Investing in chicken wing franchise opportunities in Virginia is a wise move for those looking to take advantage of the state's continuing growth. The hospitality sector has been booming in recent years, with the number of restaurants across the state increasing by 8% between 2015 and 2020. This steady growth has made it an increasingly attractive prospect for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Virginia boasts a wide variety of dining experiences, from fine dining to fast food, and its strong economy has helped create a vibrant restaurant market. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on this burgeoning industry.

The growing population of Virginia is also appealing to potential investors. The state has seen impressive population growth over the last few years, with people from all around the country relocating here for work and leisure alike. This influx means more customers for restaurants throughout the region, making Hooters an even more attractive option for those interested in investing in one of the best casual dining franchises

Why You Should Open a Hooters Wing Franchise Opportunities in Virginia


Investing in a Hooters franchise in Virginia is a fantastic business opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners. With an expansive population of over 8 million, Virginia is an ideal location to open a sports bar franchise. The state’s coastlines and mountain ranges provide the perfect backdrop for our iconic beach-themed restaurants, while its booming economy and diverse cultural offerings will ensure that guests keep coming back.

Chicken wings are an incredibly popular food across the country, and demand for them is consistently high. Therefore, opening up a Hooters restaurant in Virginia would be an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this trend and potentially increase profits. 

Virginia also boasts a large population of both young families and college students who enjoy dining out and socializing - making it an ideal location to open a Hooters business. Additionally, access to major highways and airports gives Virginia-based franchisors easy access to markets across the country, allowing them to reach more customers at a lower cost than competitors located elsewhere.

Why Hooters?

40 Weeks of Free Royalties When You Join Our Legacy Brand in 2023

From our iconic Hooters Girls™ to our exciting new store designs, Hooters offers bar franchise opportunities and business experience you won't find anywhere else.

World-FamousHooters Girl™ Hospitality

Hooters Girls™ are the very essence of Hooters. Trained to excel in customer service, they provide the energy, charisma, and engaging conversation that keep guests coming back.


Brand Recognition

We have yet to come by someone who hasn’t heard of the Hooters experience. When you invest in a Hooters franchise, you gain access to an established brand awareness that extends way beyond the borders of the US.

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Menu Items


Building on Hooters' core menu of hot wings, seafood, and sandwiches, we've expanded our offerings through menu innovation, including a delicious selection of appetizers, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, and signature burgers - all keeping true to our mandate of having a simple, uncomplicated kitchen for quick and easy execution.

New Prototype

With the launch of our new restaurant prototype design, Hooters has revolutionized the ambiance and image of the Hooters restaurant while staying true to their respected heritage as a truly iconic American original. With our flexible formats/footprints - end caps, in-lines, free-standing, and multiple conversion opportunities - we have the right fit for your community.


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Hooters is on its way to becoming the best chicken franchise in Virginia.

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

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