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Investing in a chicken wing franchise in Pennsylvania can be a great decision for those looking to capitalize on an ever-growing and lucrative market. With both rural and urban areas, Pennsylvania offers a plethora of different opportunities for aspiring restaurateurs and investors. 

Pennsylvania is home to some of the most iconic tourist destinations in the eastern United States. With locations like Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hershey Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, and many more, millions of tourists come looking for places to eat during their trips. This influx of visitors translates into an abundant number of potential customers that could support the success of any restaurant that opens its doors in the state. 

The state is also an agricultural hotspot for local ingredients. Pennsylvania produces over $7 billion worth of food every year, with its vast array of farms producing high-quality fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. This provides restaurants with access to fresh produce coupled with reasonable prices, which can ultimately lead to better margins on items as well as customer satisfaction due to the quality they receive when dining out in the states’ restaurants.

Why You Should Open a Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise in Pennsylvania


Investing in Hooters’ franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business portfolio. The state of Pennsylvania has a long history of supporting businesses, and the restaurant industry, specifically, is thriving. 

Hooters, with its popular menu items and relaxed and fun atmosphere, is perfectly suited to cater to the tastes of Pennsylvanians. By opening a Hooters franchise in the state, owners can take advantage of this strong economic environment while providing customers with quality service and delicious food. 

Pennsylvania has some of the most generous tax incentives and business regulations in the country. Additionally, high-traffic areas like downtown Philadelphia would be excellent locations for a new franchise due to an influx of potential customers from all around the region. 

In short, investing in a Hooters franchise in Pennsylvania is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this booming economy while offering customers an enjoyable experience they won't soon forget. With generous incentives and comprehensive support from the brand - this exciting opportunity could be right for you.

Why Hooters?

40 Weeks of Free Royalties When You Join Our Legacy Brand in 2023
From our iconic Hooters Girls™ to our exciting new store designs, our franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania offer franchisees a hoot of an experience they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

World-FamousHooters Girl™ Hospitality

Hooters Girls™ are the very essence of Hooters. Trained to excel in customer service, they provide the energy, charisma, and engaging conversation that keep guests coming back.


Brand Recognition

We have yet to come by someone who hasn’t heard of the Hooters experience. When you invest in a Hooters franchise, you gain access to an established brand awareness that extends way beyond the borders of the US.

franchise with love

Menu Items


Building on Hooters' core menu of hot wings, seafood, and sandwiches, we've expanded our offerings through menu innovation, including a delicious selection of appetizers, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, and signature burgers - all keeping true to our mandate of having a simple, uncomplicated kitchen for quick and easy execution.

New Prototype

With the launch of our new restaurant prototype design, Hooters has revolutionized the ambiance and image of the Hooters restaurant while staying true to their respected heritage as a truly iconic American original. With our flexible formats/footprints - end caps, in-lines, free-standing, and multiple conversion opportunities - we have the right fit for your community.


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Hooters is on its way to becoming the best chicken franchise in Pennsylvania.

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Hooters Chicken Wing Franchise

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